Kenny Geisler

Home Town: Sunnyvale, CA

Back in 2008 the Pas de Duex performance of Kenny Geisler and Kalyn Noah was carried on a year later?when they were married in August of 2009. Was this a unique celebration of winning the National Championships in Kentucky that July? Of course not. But the Geislers have a lot to celebrate.

As the year?s USEF/AVA National Champion Male vaulter and Vaulting Cup winning Mt. Eden Sun Team alternate who was pulled into the competition when another member had an injury, Geisler certainly knows how to be flexible and rise to an occasion. His unexpected participation demonstrated his skill and flexibility. The Sun team freestyle had to be adjusted to the change, yet went on to take the top spot.

In an interview with Vaulting World?s Molly Pearson, Kenny said that what separates the good vaulters from the great ones is their? mental training. He will need that? training this year as he is again a member of the Sun team?in the race for WEG. If Mt. Eden?s?solid team makes it to Lexington, he’ll be a very busy vaulter. Still,?the teams’ scores are probably going to be very close?so that ?mind? will be pushed for both individual and team possibilities at the Trials. Expect to be amazed at Geisler?s strength and balance.

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