Lukas, World?s Smartest Horse, in National Enquirer

Lukas (, the World?s Smartest Horse (according to the World Records Academy) and Guinness World Record holder (?Most numbers correctly identified by a horse in one minute: 19?), has been featured in National Enquirer. The popular tabloid, with a weekly circulation estimated at over three million, has been ?reporting the best celebrity news for over 50 years.?

Lukas and Karen Murdock

Lukas? ?Equine Expose? describes the world renowned gelding?s rise to fame from a former rescue to a beloved ambassador for all animals needing second chances. Owned and trained by his best friend Karen Murdock, Lukas? message of hope and happiness has covered the globe.

Excerpts from the full-page article ?Horse Sense ? Meet the World?s Smartest Steed? written by Don Gentile:

?Move over Mr. Ed, Lukas is the world?s smartest horse! The 19-year-old chestnut thoroughbred sits and fetches on command, nods his head yes and no, realizes when something is missing and recognizes himself in a mirror. What’s more, he can read numbers and spell!

It’s no wonder that Lukas won a spot in the ?Guinness Book of World Records? after identifying 19 numbers in one minute, something no other horse has yet done…Karen became a horse trainer and came up with her own techniques. She doesn’t work with a whip; instead using soft words, a click, repetition and rewards?She exhibits Lukas? talents to groups of students and non-profit groups and wants to spread the word that horses have great potential beyond the racetrack. ?But he can’t talk like Mr. Ed,? Karen said with a laugh. ?If he could, I?d be on Oprah.??

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