Quincy The Horse Books Gallop Onto The Scene

A new series of children’s horse books, written by two horsewomen, is capturing the hearts of young horse enthusiasts. The picture books written by Camille Matthews and beautifully illustrated by Michelle Black are published by Pathfinder Equine Publications, and feature a red horse named Quincy.

The first book, “Quincy Finds a New Home,” is a picture book for girls and boys ages 4 to 8. This is the story of Quincy’s first adventure, which begins when he gets a new owner and moves to a show barn. He also meets Beau, an old, wise horse who becomes his friend and helps him adjust to this new world of horse shows and jumping. Since Quincy does not know how to jump and win ribbons he is unsure what to do at the weekly horse shows. But in the end, he and Beau find an answer.

The author combines an understanding of feelings, relationships and life’s challenges gained from years of working with human clients as a psychotherapist and a lifelong love of horses to create a story that is both exciting and comforting. The illustrator, Michelle Black, is a professional horse trainer and painter. Her illustrations are beautifully rendered oil paintings that bring Quincy to life for readers. Her eye for detail, her use of color, and her ability to capture and express emotion through her illustrations enhance Camille’s sensitive description of Quincy’s feelings and experiences. The two have teamed up to create a work of warmth and depth that allows children to become deeply engaged in Quincy’s world.

The second book in the Quincy The Horse Series, “Quincy Moves To The Desert,” will be released this fall and follows Quincy and his friend Beau as they leave the comforts of home and go on a big trip. As they ride across the country on a huge horse van, Quincy sees amazing sights and learns new things, mostly about horses of course! Beau, who loves to talk, is in his element as Quincy’s tour guide. In the end Quincy learns something very important about himself. Stay tuned for more information on this new release.

“Quincy Finds A New Home” was the winner of a 2010 Mom’s Choice Gold Award. The book has gained a national audience with children across the country and Matthews has been featured in equine venues throughout the Southwest and Rocky Mountain region. Meet author Camille Matthews as she relocates to the northeast. She will be in the author’s tent at The Baltimore Book Festival and at Equine Affaire, November 2010 as well as other planned events.

For more information on Quincy the Horse Books, dealer inquiries and their event schedule contact Camille Matthews at 877 550-5010, email pathfinder1908@gmail.com or visit the website.

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