Video: Equitrekking’s 10 Great Places to Ride–#5 Iceland

Iceland is located in the North Atlantic Ocean, just South of the Arctic Circle. Called the land of fire and ice, Iceland is home to spewing geysers, roaring waterfalls, giant glaciers and pure nature with all of its beautiful fury.?I’ve ridden in Iceland twice, loving the smooth tolt of the Icelandic horses.

Icelandic horses may be prized for their stamina, but their physical appearance also draws attention. Icelandics? coats come in a myriad of colors- chestnut, brown, bay, palomino, grey and on and on. Big, bushy manes exude from their compact, muscular bodies.

It is traveling through these landscapes that one can begin to understand how the Icelandic horse developed the strong and versatile attributes, for which it is so prized today and how the Icelandic people needed these horses to survive. The Icelandic horse is called ?the most useful servant? by Icelanders, who cherish these horses as a national treasure.

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