Book Review: Fantasy Horse (for Young Readers)

Imagine your Pony Club being asked to perform in a theatrical production at a huge new theme park–alongside professional stunt riders and a drop-dead handsome young star.

Fantasy Horse by Jenny Hughes

That’s what happens to Emma and her friends. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime and they’re enjoying every minute of it until things start to go wrong. Grandstands collapse, wardrobe rooms catch fire, valuables are stolen out of the kids’ rooms, and people are getting hurt. Someone is obviously out to keep the show from opening–but who, and why?

It’s a mystery Emma is determined to unravel–all while dealing with her boyfriend’s jealousy over the star’s obvious attraction to Emma.

Author Jenny Hughes, who lives in Dorset, England, has penned more than 22 horse books for readers 9 to 12. Her books are based on her experience working on a farm, at a riding school and with polo ponies. In addition to her horse savvy, Hughes has a knack for combining mystery, danger and a mild first romance between the main character and a cute boy who comes into her life. Of course, nothing overshadows the girl’s relationship with her horse.

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Fantasy Horse, a 192-page paperback, is published by Breakaway Books, PO Box 24, Halcottsville, NY 12438. Find it in your local bookstore at $9.95 or phone 607-326-4805 or email

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