Book Review: My Favorite Mistake

My Favorite Mistake is the second in The A Circuit series, by show jumper/author Georgina Bloomberg and co-writer Catherine Hapka. Be sure to read my review of the first book, The A Circuit, which sets the stage and introduces the characters. Most of them are privileged teenagers whose wealthy parents buy them expensive horses, expensive clothes and expensive lessons with Jamie, one of the top trainers on the show circuit. I was delighted to see the action pick up speed in this book, and the characters’ personalities evolve–for better or worse.

It’s summer, and Jamie’s stable, Pelham Lane, is the hub of activity where much of the drama plays out, but there are also forays to horse shows and bars where the riders use their false IDs to gain access and drink. In My Favorite Mistake the boy-girl drama is amplified on many levels, including the odd couple?Fitz and Kate. Can she really trust him? There’s trouble at home with her brother, which makes her mother’s OCD even worse. Kate becomes obsessed with her work at the barn, becoming so intense that she often forgets to eat. Jamie rewards her diligence with the opportunity to show an elegant horse in “Big Eq” equitation classes. Fitz shows his support for her with a stunning surprise. But Tommi is worried about Kate’s weight loss, increasing anxiety and reluctance to ask for help.

Tommi takes on a new but unlikely beau who doesn’t really understand horses. She makes a business deal with her dad, and the future of her career in horses lies in her success with training and selling her horse, Legs.

Zara gets stuck with a dysfunctional and dangerous “babysitter” while her father leaves on tour.

There’s lots of intrigue in My Favorite Mistake, which again ends with a cliffhanger to be resolved in Off Course. Parents reading this review should be aware that there is underage drinking, pot smoking and sex in this series. I realize that’s nothing new for young adult literature, but perhaps it’s inappropriate for younger readers.

My Favorite Mistake is available from Bloomsbury Publishing for $16.99 (hardback), $9.99 (paperback) and $7.99 (e-book).

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