Building Horse Barns

Tips on Horse Barn Styles, Horse Barn Layouts and Practical Horse Barn Features

Barn Building from Top to Bottom
From roof styles to flooring options, our free guide Building Horse Barns: Tips on Barn Styles, Barn Layouts and Practical Horse Barn Features has everything you need to know when you’re building a barn for your horses.

Whether big barns or small barns, when it comes to building your own horse barn, well, you have our admiration.

Few things are as exciting, overwhelming, frustrating and exhilarating as building your own horse stable. You get exactly what you want in your horse barn, and you can design your horse stable plan to suit your specific horse needs. But it’s not as easy to design a horse barn floor plan that incorporates everything you want and remains functional and affordable. And the more you add, the more your new horse barn costs and the more decisions you’ll need to make.

Step one is how many horse stalls to have—and consider current and future horses—because all the other decisions will revolve around that. If you know you never want to care for more than four horses, then only build a four-stall horse barn. Because—and I promise you this—if you build a six-stall horse barn, eventually you will have six horses.

Next, decide upon the size of your horse stalls because that, too, will impact the horse barn design. If you prefer horses 15.2 hands and under, your horse stable floor plan might be fine with 10 x 10 stalls. But if you’re a competitive dressage rider, you probably want taller horses and will need a horse barn with 12 x 12 stalls, possibly larger. It’s difficult to combine stall sizes in one horse-barn layout, although it’s not impossible. However, it may impact the aesthetics of your horse barn. While that might seem petty, when you’re spending $50,000 or $100,000 or more to build a horse barn, it matters. Big time.

Building small or large, this guide is for all your barn-building needs. Click to download our guide HERE

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