Fencing for Your Horse

How to choose the right horse fence

Electric, Vinyl, Wire, and More! Learn About Different Fencing Options for Your Horse

Fencing is one of the most important investments we’ll make, but do you know which fence type you have and why? From electric fencing to vinyl systems, our FREE Guide, Fencing for Your Horse, breaks down the wide variety of style and material choices so you pick what’s best for your needs.

Have you ever watched a horse do their version of “the limbo” to get under a fence?

Stallions have been known to duck under the shortest piece of horse fencing imaginable to pay a visit to a nearby mare…hungry horses will contort themselves to reach through a fence to get a morsel of clover…and my filly has been known to literally crawl under hot-wire fencing in order to dig up grass seeds that were sewn for spring.

Now that’s tenacity for you. And since this same filly has escaped from various fencing on at least three occasions in her young life, I have learned to become acutely aware (O.K., paranoid) about the fencing that encloses her (one fence -jumping incident cost me $1,000 in vet bills). And you can learn from my painful experience!

Download this guide to find the right fencing for you and your horse to prevent incidents like mine.

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