Fine Tuning Horse Jumping

Hunter-Jumper Expert Steven Weiss and Former Olympics’ Equestrian Jim Wofford on the Horse-and-Rider Takeoff

Perfect Your Timing Over Fences

Do you need help finding your spot when jumping a course? In this guide, jumping experts Jim Wofford and Steven Weiss will help you find the right pace and timing for your next jumping round.

Look to jumping masters Steven Weiss and Jim Wofford for advice in the arena and cross-country course when it comes to timing the jump.

Regarding timing and takeoff when horse jumping, the pair say that timing isn’t everything—although it can help your horse jump better.

Jim Wofford: “Before we talk about timing, however, let’s define our terms. ‘Timing’ refers to a rider’s ability to predict– and influence–the remaining increments of stride before an obstacle. While elite riders develop their ability to regulate their horses’ strides so as to consistently arrive at the ideal spots for their takeoffs in front of the obstacles, the rest of us are not so accurate.

Steven Weiss: “In any jumping discipline, one of the most elusive skills for riders to master is “seeing the distance”—guiding the horse to the correct takeoff spot in front of the jump. Only the most experienced upper-level riders—and a few uncommonly talented riders—can see their distances from 10 or more strides away. For everybody else, the secret to finding good distances consistently is not practicing until your horse’s legs give out. It is a combination of two basic skills: staying on the correct track—not cutting your corners or bulging out on the turns—and maintaining a medium pace.”

Wait, wait you say? Tell me more? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to do

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