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The differences between an eggbutt bit, snaffle bit and curb bit explained

Find Out Which Bit is Best For Your Horse

The “Bit Wall” at your local tack shop may be a bit intimidating. With all the choices of horse bits out there, which is best for your horse? Our FREE guide, Horse Bits, breaks down the array of options so you become a smarter shopper.

Have you ever stared at a wall full of horse bits and felt like a kid in a horse-bit candy shop? So many types of horse’s bits! Eggbutt bit, snaffle bit, curb bit…how do you decide?

As a kid growing up riding horses in Kentucky, I never paid that much attention to types of horse bits—I just grabbed whatever bridle looked like it would fit, put the horse bit in my horse’s mouth and off we went. I remember seeing a curb bit or two, maybe a snaffle bit once in a while, but I couldn’t have told you the difference between an eggbutt bit and a full-cheek snaffle bit.

Fast forward twenty or so years (don’t remind me!) and today, everything I do—and choose—for my horse is done with a lot more care, including debating between a snaffle bit and a curb it.

Now I know that a curb bit is very different from a snaffle bit, and what the difference is between a full cheek snaffle bit and an eggbutt bit.

You can learn the differences, too, with this helpful FREE downloadable guide.

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