Julie Goodnight’s Tips for Riding a Horse

How to Ride a Horse at the Canter

Canter with Confidence

Fix fears of loping and the canter departure; then learn how to cue your horse for collection with Julie Goodnight’s Tips for Riding a Horse: How to Ride a Horse at the Canter.

The canter is often a scary, challenging gait, even for seasoned riders. Luckily, Julie Goodnight, a patient and understanding horse trainer featured in television and DVD’s, is here for you. She gives easy-to-follow advice to help you be a better rider at the canter.

Whether you’re a rider coming back to horses after a long time away, an older rider who has just now discovered horses, someone who wants to improve their natural horsemanship skills or someone who’s always open to how to be a better rider, this is for you. Download our guide HERE

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