The Funny Thing About Horses

When we stop and consider some of the things our horses do, it’s easy to see that these are creatures so in tune with us and with themselves that their sense of humor is of the highest order — and may range from slapstick (mud bath, anyone?) to the cerebral (I know what you’re thinking before the cue!). From the glaring obvious to the antics that take some pondering to fully absorb, the depth of our steed’s wit should not go unnoticed.

So without giving anything away from my own equine circus (I’ll saved the inspiration for this post for another time), I’m going to open this up to anyone who happens to be following this blog. Reply with a link or story that illustrates your horse’s top-shelf sense of humor . . . or share your video on my Facebook wall, or email your phone cam video to me, and I’ll post the collection on my YouTube channel — and link back to it when I reveal my own horse hijinks! Each month, the funniest post will win a copy of my new book, Riding Through Thick and Thin. Let’s have some fun!

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