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I’ve often wondered as I look around at my fellow seekers during a yoga class or on a retreat, “How did we all get here—and at this stage in our lives? Is it that we finally have more time? Or is it a deep yearning that we’ve pushed down to the point it can no longer be denied?”

In “The Way of The Horse” Monica Devine wonders about that, too: “At the age of 50, with no prior interest in horses, I propelled myself into the local horse world with an over-the-top enthusiasm.”

After I’d yoga-ed, retreated, and meditated to still-no-Nirvana, I, too, jumped on a horse in middle age, and it was more life changing than anything I’d ever done in search of that ever-elusive inner peace. Now, granted, that inner peace came with some healthy outer realities: using muscles I’d long forgotten existed, stretching time, budget, and my family’s patience, often to their utmost. But even with all the juggling required by this major life shift, the deep sense of peace my midlife horsemanship has brought me remains. What a concept.

How about you? Have you been surprised by what a horse brought to the middle of your life? What was different for you once you decided to explore midlife horsemanship? Were you surprised at how your horse experiences changed your outlook, perceptions, and thought processes, even away from the barn and trail? I would love to hear your thoughts, stories and insights! Share them on FacebookTwitter, or my website. I look forward to hearing from you!

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