Baxter Black: He Was OK Yesterday. . . Then Bingo!

“Doc, I called you just as soon
as I seen ol’ Buck was sick.
He’s been a little poorly
But he never missed a lick.

Last winter he got picky
And wouldn’t eat his grain
So I gave him Doctor Bell’s;
Tied garlic in his mane.

Then several months ago
When he started losin’ weight
I give him Copenhagen
And a pound of catfish bait.

He come down with the splatters
And all his hair fell out!
So I fed him Larramycin
And Mother’s sauerkraut.

Then last week after ridin’
He got stiff as pine!
His navel needed smokin’
So I used the turpentine.

He went plum down on Sunday.
His kidneys, so I guessed.
I doctored up his water
And tied him facing west.

Last night I got to thinking.
You were here two years ago.
You gave him some concoction
For a cough and runny nose.

I wondered if your treatment,
Which then improved his luck,
Had later turned against him
And poisoned my ol’ Buck?

Whattya think, Doc?”

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