Book Review: Guide to Horse Clothing

Anyone who is involved with horses and ponies can sometimes be confused by the bewildering array of clothing and equipment that is available. The Allen Illustrated Guide to Horse Clothing, written by Hilary Vernon, will help the reader sort through the maze of information.

The book is divided into sections, beginning with The Principles of Rugging Horses, which goes into detail about why horses are blanketed in winter, the types of horses and their blanketing needs, and how to measure your horse for his winter rug or blanket.

US readers may find some of the terminology odd, since the author is English, but the facts presented are correct and well explained.

Other sections cover topics such as boots and bandages (wraps), numnahs (saddle pads) and fly masks, as well as a section of dressing your horse for travelling.

Throughout the book, full color photographs and drawings clearly illustrate each section, showing variations of style and fit.

The book is clearly written and will make useful addition to the bookshelves of anyone involved in horse ownership, as well as those just wishing to become more knowledgeable in horse care.

Hilary Vernon lives in Berkshire, England and has been involved in the saddlery trade for many years. She is a qualified riding instructor and owns several horses.

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