Horses and People – A Cowboy’s Poem

We were all gathered at the sale barn
waitin’ for the horse sale to get under way.
When this old hand sat amongst us,
it was easy seein’ “Cowboy” was on his resume!

He watched the horses come and go
with an easy, patient horseman’s eye.
He studied each horse as they came through,
but he never nodded or attempted to buy.

I found myself watchin’ the old man,
when to my surprise he turned and spoke.
“Horses are a lot like folks I’ve known,
some’s honest and true, others can’t be broke.”

Then he pointed out a nice sorrel filly
as she swatted her tail and gave a squeal.
“She’s like Miss Milly down at the diner,
plenty of good looks and sex appeal.

And that skinny lookin’ ole horse,
actin’ all touchy, nervous and rank,
he reminds me of old Mr. T. Wad
the loan officer at the bank.

Now that old mare, she’s a kid’s horse,
she’d teach ’em and they’d never come to harm,
She’s sure a lot like old Ms. Beachem
a grand lady, and my first school marm.

See that little two-year-old,
boy, he’d like to break and run.
All he wants is away from here,
he reminds me of my son.”

It seemed like we sat for hours,
talkin’, laughin’ and comparin’ notes,
about honest horses and people we knew,
those we like and those not worth the oats.

About that time, an old bay entered the ring,
the old hands voice began to soften.
“If he was a man, I’d call him friend
and that’s just somethin’ I don’t do often.

A little thin and gray around the muzzle,
like me, he’s gotten on in years.
But there’s a heap of know-how restin’
between that old horse’s ears.

That old horse is some ole cowboy’s pal,
Sellin’ him, would be like committin’ a sin.
So if you’ll please excuse me boys,
think I’ll just buy him back again!”

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