Baxter Black: Poo Bah

I believe he saw me comin’
Horse traders usually do!
“I’ve got this chestnut gelding,
Might be just the horse for you.

Two trainers from Kentucky
Plan to look at him today.
I really shouldn’t show him
But first come, first serve, I say.

He’s the best I’ve got to offer.
None better anywhere.”

Then he saw me eye the filly.
“Except, of course, that mare.

She’s raced a million dirt tracks.
Everyone where I’m not barred.”

I raised a crooked eyebrow,
“Though, I never ran her hard.

She’s as sound as Rockerfeller,
As healthy as ol’ Shep.”

I felt the scars where she’d been nerved.
“Precautionary step.”

I ran my fingers down her leg,
Her hocks were big and soft.
“Mosquito bites, I reckon.
I’ll throw in a can of Off.”

She coughed and raised a heave line
That would scare an auctioneer.
“The pollen count’s been high this week.
Hay fever’s bad this year.

I’ve priced her at a thousand bucks.
A bargain any day
“But I’d consider half that much
If you took her today.”

As I started for the pickup
He played his final ace,
“She’s bred to Poo Bah’s brother’s son.
The finest stud to race.”

I held my nose to show him
Poo Bah wasn’t diddly squat.
He blinked and quickly added,
“But I don’t believe she caught!”

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