Darley Newman’s Equitrekking, Travel Adventures by Horseback, is the newest guide to riding vacations. The book is an in-depth companion to the public-television series of the same name. Illustrated with more than one hundred color photographs, Equitrekking allows you to experience locations off the beaten track in the best way – from the back of a four-footed, surefooted mount.

Newman’s narrative guides you through the book with the same friendly, knowledgeable tone of her PBS series. Each destination is well-described and vividly photographed, with a complete depiction of the scenery, the riding that’s available, and the overall experience.

Get ready to go around the world. Newman travels through the lush fields of Ireland on a native Connemara pony, across Iceland aboard an Icelandic Horse, and along Spanish coastlines riding an Andalusian.

Stateside, Newman makes her way down the Georgia coast, trots through the Carolinas, travels the length of Vermont, cuts into the cattle ranches of Colorado, goes deep within Wyoming’s national forests, ambles across California’s wine country, and hits Hawaii.

Newman also provides all the resource information necessary to make one of her adventures a reality, should you choose to follow in stride with an exciting vacation of your own.

View a preview video of Equitrekking at http://equitrekking.com/chronicle/

Cost: $27.50.
Contact: www.chroniclebooks.com.

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