University of Kentucky Saddle Up SAFELY Program

The University of Kentucky’s Saddle Up SAFELY program?promotes safe practices for those who ride or work around horses through a broad-based, multi-media educational campaign developed in partnership with community, state, and national organizations. Plans for the five-year program include:

  • A series of brochures, developed by UK equine experts, on safety practices and equine-related health issues for adults and children.
  • Interactive website where riders from around the world can submit suggestions and lessons learned about safety.
  • Continuing medical education for those who treat injured riders and workers, including physicians, nurses, first responders, pharmacists, emergency department staff, and healthcare instructors.
  • Multi-media campaign: Media partners including newspapers, Web sites, and magazines will feature ads promoting the safety messages and offering brochures and more information. Expert columns on safety topics will also be featured.
  • Education-based programs: Video and print materials for educating riders of all ages will be developed.
  • Volunteers available for making presentations to groups: Saddle Up SAFELY has established an auxiliary group of experienced riders who are available to make presentations on safety issues to your organization, using materials approved by experts. To schedule a speaker from Saddle Up SAFELY,?call 859-323-5508. (Speakers are available at no cost in the Central Kentucky region; for other locales, host organization will need to provide travel expenses.)
  • Educate visitors to the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games: As the exclusive medical provider for the?Games in Lexington, Kentucky, UK HealthCare will have a prominent exhibit at the Games and will be distributing Saddle Up SAFELY information to thousands of attendees and participants.

Download the Saddle Up SAFELY brochure.

Download the Saddle Up SAFELY Horse Transmitted Diseases brochure.

Download the Saddle Up SAFELY What to Do When There is an Injurybrochure.

Download the Safety While in the Pasture brochure.

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